ImiNifri, when the splendor of nature blends with the magic of legend

Iminifri, when the splendor of nature blends with the magic of legend 

 The Cave of  Iminifri, which means "the mouth or door of the cave" was built by sculpting the waters of the Tbilisi valley to the fragile Travertine rocks dating back to the fourth period "about 1.8 million years ago."  These rocks were formed by the placement of dissolved lime deposits in the water of the eyes, which were saturated with calcium carbonate after passing through the calcareous rocks formed in the Atlas Mountains - saline eyes of the "203 million years."  Fresh eyes spring from the limestone rocks of the Lower Jurassic "200 million years ago".  It covers an area of ​​1500 square meters. It also has important water to be used in watering fields and orchards nearby, 

Inside the cave, there are many small caves, which are believed to have been dwellings for the old man who was the age of this place in the past ages, and is now standing by the wild pigeons and crows. 
The cave passes through a passage known as Tragine, which is an open window on the center of the valley, where the corridor leads to the upper part of the arch from the east 
It is believed that the Portuguese (Portuguese) settled this cave centuries ago.  Where they were climbing the rocks of the left bank of the Qantara in the direction of what is known as (Aksari), a large area high away from the roof of the Qantara about 10 meters and overlooking the cave and on the horizon in a rare panoramic view.  

 The story tells that a beast with seven heads has taken the cave as a home, and at the top of each year the people of the town have to offer a beautiful girl a sacrifice. On one occasion, one of the cavalry intervened to protect the girl who came in and took the monster to kill him. It is also said that one of the eyes was originally a tomb of a loyal "Sidi Nasser or Muhassir".  There is a clear belief among Muslim and Jewish parents that bathing in this eye / mausoleum will remove "snoring" from Muslim and Jewish girls and facilitate their marriage. 
 There are many cafes and resorts in the open air, with a great view over the valley's course, its varied terrain, its stalagmites and its monuments, 
The restaurants spread in the orchards under the walnut trees, which are shaded by the shadows and on the banks of the tables with fresh, bright water, different types of delicious and delicious dishes , especially tajin bunnies, local onions, local raisins, famous Danish desserts, and delicious, minted tea with local medicinal herbs. 

ImiNifri Bridge is about 5 km from the city of Demnate, about an hour by foot, via a mountain road that passes through the Ait Amgar roundabout, where the tomb of Sidi Bouelbakht is located, and its natural mineral water, which cures many dermatological diseases, or a taxi, where the journey takes no more than 10 minutes.

Translated by Amira GadAllah
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