Demnate: The magic of nature and the fragrant of history

Demnate: The magic of nature and the fragrant of history  

Demnate is a city that smells of history from all its angles. You will never find a city that combines the fragrance of history with its authenticity, culture and traditions, and the beauty of nature from water, mountains and greenery, as in Demnate 

  Demnate, here is the harmony of the present with the past and culture with nature and traditions with modernity, it is a modest city in a simple appearance rich in its effects and customs and traditions where modern civilization has not yet suffered harm to its character and affects its constituents. 

Demnate  is a historical city, which God gave a beautiful virgin nature provides comfort to each visitor seeking tranquility and recreation and self-recreation.  Demnate is the perfect place for landscape lovers and seekers of tranquility.

  Demnate is the stray of a researcher of the Amazigh Arab-Moroccan Jewish tradition.  Demnate is full of many historical buildings that witness a period of events   Every inch of Demnate, the city, especially its old districts, witnessed a certain incident and a series of events that changed its face during the past centuries.  Its walls, which stood against the  invaders, still stand tall behind a history full of events.  Her cane has been the scene of many conflicts and processes.  Demnate offers its guests a wonderful tourist destination, history, ancient traditions and hospitable habitats, huge tourism potential such as mountain, environmental, rural tourism, adventure tourism and diving deep in history. ​.... 
  Demnate for those who want to breathe fresh air free of pollution and impurities for those wishing to stay away from the hustle and bustle of cities.  Demnate is the right choice for families wishing to stay away from the pressures of life and relaxation in the quiet, simple, charming countryside with its beautiful nature and breathtaking beauty that delight the spectators. Demnate is the favorite place for mountaineering and mountaineering enthusiasts, for outdoor sports enthusiasts and for the warm atmosphere of its natural trails of security, tranquility and serenity.

Translated by Amira GadAllah
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