Demnate: The Land of the Dinosaur

Demnate: The Land of the Dinosaur 
According to scientific research carried out by many archaeologists, the Demnate region, dating back millions of years, formed a distinctive geological belt that was home to the dinosaurs that lived on Earth 200 million years ago. 

The area of ​​Demnate is famous for the remains of the hooves of these large animals, not far from the cave of ImiNefri and 10 kilometers from Demnate. The site of Ayurvedan is located in the presence of the hooves of the dinosaurs of Sauropode-Théropode, a large family of two-legged dinosaur dinosaurs,  . 
 The IWAREDN site was discovered in 1937 by geologists (Plteau - Giboulet - Roch) 
The site includes more than 2,400 fingerprints for dinosaurs, 

According to a study by Italian researcher Matteo Belveder in 2010, the traces of the carefully preserved dinosaur fossils on the rock at the IWAREDN site have returned to the geology of experts over 65 million years ago, 

The Azilal region is the Geological Commission where the oldest dinosaur in the world was found to be 180 million years old (Tazoudasaurus OUAWEZERT, nine meters long and weighing nine tons). The first full-scale dinosaur structure in Africa was discovered at the same location in Telukit.

Translated by Amira GadAllah
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