Iminifri Area Features

Geological location

A natural cave and bridge Its height is approximately 70 meters.

Miscellaneous water

Many springs are scattered throughout the area, Swimming pools are natural cool water, Valley of the cave. Waterfalls.


Various forests in the region are famous for olive trees and other species. The area surrounds the Atlas Mountains from all directions.

Various birds

There are different types of birds nesting and flying inside the natural cave.

footprints of dinosaur

The Iminifri area is close to iwariden where the footprints of dinosaurs are located.

Local residents

iminifri is surrounded by several villages inhabited by people speaking Amazigh language, kind and hospitable.

Enjoy the visit

Do not forget to do these wonderful steps:
  • 1. Food

    Enjoy popular dishes, especially Tajine with rabbit meat.

  • 2. photography

    Do not miss taking professional photos of the area.

  • 3. Birds return

    Wait for the birds to return to the cave at sunset and enjoy their wonderful movements.

  • 4. Take a tour

    Take a walking tour around the cave, really worth it.

    Articles About Imi Nifri And Demnate City.

    We offer you a collection of the best articles written carefully.

    Best accommodation

    We offer you the most traditional hotels in the region with high quality.
    Kasbah Ait Oumghar
    Hotel resort

    Located in the beautiful valley of the natural bridge IMINIFRI, 10 minutes from the historic town of DEMNATE, and one hour drive from the red city Marrakech.

    Kasbah Illy
    Hotel resort

    Hôtel de charme en plein cœur de l'Atlas au Maroc, tout près du fameux pont naturel Imi n'ifri.

    Riad Aghbalou
    Riad resort

    Riad Aghbalou - Espace Tamount is a sustainable tourism for sustainable development project in Morocco, located in one of the doors to the High Atlas Moutains, precisely in Imi n’Ifri village, 6 km from the old city Demnat, 130 Km from Marrakech and 200 km from Ouarzazate. It’s a calm, ecological and extraordinary paradise built by mountain people hand knowledge.

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